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WinWinJV Enterprise :-

1. We explore Win Win Joint Venture because we believe everyone has their own  area of core competitiveness.

Their area of competitiveness could be anything  like technical skill, marketing expertise, market share or network, product knowledge, product development , capital , management, sales skills, geo-locations advantages,  individual aggressiveness, business vision.. etc and etc.

2.  We believe though it is not easy, but if we are willing to explore, there should be ways for all parties to come together and  form a JV consisted of various core competitiveness contributed from each JV partners.

And this is the only way for small business owners as well as those individual expertise to be able to compete and stand out in the market.

Nowadays competitiveness is more between group to group, individual who want to compete alone in the market will be very tough now unless he owns an established corporation that has enough power to leverage on others' competitiveness either by giving them good salary to employ them, or provides good offers so as to take over other smaller companies that have the core competitiveness that he needs.

3.  WinWinJV.com 's area of expertise is on Website and Internet Knowledge. And we believe Internet is the way to expand  market influence beyond geology boundary.And with the philosophy we have, we would like to initiate the Win Win JV exploration by offering our expertise so as people will start to know us, but of course we need to  charge a small amount of money to cover our cost. But we are more happy to discover a new JV or act as an  intermediate media to initiate JV among members who join us.

4. We also believe in giving, but we believe  giving should be in the form of empowerment rather than merely in the form of donations .  We give our time, efforts and support for activities that empowering others to achieve better or add more value to others , in doing so,  we wish more and more people will be involved in this empowering process and make this society a better society and make this world a better world.

WinWinJV Enterprice Services :

1. Hosting Service with 5 steps Website Building System
no technical knowledge is required to use this system.
Eg. website built with this system

2. SMS Marketing System


3. Website Building . eg. website :














and more ....

4. Banner Services


5. Virtual Staffs Services

Virtual Staffs that answer  your visitors'  inquiries online 24x7

Social Activities

Social Pojects we are supporting with our time and efforts

http://malaysiasocialpage.com/directory ( build , maintain the website and hosting)

Winning Awards

Paypal Top Seller Growth Award (2009)

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